The mission of Viva Voce Youth Choir is to inspire and connect singers to each other and to their larger community through excellence in choral singing and service projects. 


Viva Voce (VEE-vah VOH-chay) is a Latin phrase that means “with living voice”. Our singers discover and express the power of the individual and collective voice through song.

At Viva Voce, We

  • Inspire and connect through excellence in choral singing
  • Discover and express our authentic voices
  • Share friendship and love in a nurturing community
  • Give of ourselves through service projects
  • Come alive to our full potential

Our Singers Learn

  • Proper breathing and singing techniques
  • Production of free and vibrant head voice
  • Choral blending through singing in unison and 2-, 3-, and 4-part harmony
  • Songs in many languages and from diverse cultures
  • Music reading skills
  • Genuine expression of music and text

Live Radio Interview

Lucy Ann Lance interviews Viva Voce Youth Choir Artistic Director Hannah Bingham on the Lucy Ann Lance Show about Viva Voce’s history, ensembles, and opportunities through music and service. Click on the photo below to hear the interview.

When Children Sing

by James Heup

When children learn to sing,
They rise up strong.
A song will nourish them.
Each tone, each breath
They draw for beauty’s sake will feed
The hunger to excel.
And when the world turns cold,
Then music will be bread to warm their souls.

When children join to sing,
They soon belong.
A song will nurture them.
Each note, each rest
They read upon the staff will shape
A blend of harmony.
And when one voice is stilled,
Then music will be bread to keep them whole.

Copyright by James Heup–Used by permission